About Us

      “Ottawa is boring” “there’s nothing to do here” we’ve all heard it before… Ottawa is haunted with a dull reputation lacking excitement. This is exactly what inspired us to start M.O Marina! We want to help bring life and adventure into the city that raised us. 


     M.O Marina is a new jet ski rental company operating in the Ottawa Area. We offer Premium and Super Jet Ski rentals that consist of brand new (2021) Yamaha Jet Skis. 


     Premium Rental models include the Yamaha Waverunner EX Limited, EX Deluxe, & EX Sport. These models produce over 100 horsepower reaching top speeds up to 90 KM/H. 


     Our Super Rental models include the Yamaha Waverunner EXR, & GP1800R. These models produce up to 250 horsepower and reach top speeds of up to 110 KM/H.